BMM 4 Axis Laser Welding Machine
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BMM 4 Axis Laser Welding Machine

This type BMM Series laser Welding Machine is special for the Teapot and similar products welding application. It was controlled by the computer completely and welding speed is very fast and high precision.



Our 4 Axis Laser Welding Machine Advantages

1. Mechanical designing is more stable and flexible.
2. CE,ISO and FDA Certificates for it .
3. Equip self protection system and EMI technology make the machine working more stable during the
working .Our each laser welding machine also equip laser energy feedback system to keep the laser power stable during the welding action .
4. Complete Technical Team with 8 years Service experience

Technical Parameters;

BMM 400/BMM300/BMM200
Maximum laser power
Laser wavelength
Laser welding depth
Pulse width
Laser welding frequency
Adjusting range of light spot
Size of light spot
Integrity power
Power supply
220V/Single phase/50Hz
Maximum bearing of standard work bench
Stroke of work bench
200x300mm or As request
Repeating precision of work bench
Positioning precision of work bench
Sighting positioning system
Red light, CCD monitor system (optional rotary clamp)
Cooling method
Water cooling
Master unit dimensions

Suitable for welding of kettle, vacuum cup, stainless steel bowl, sensor, tungsten wire, high power diode (triode), aluminum alloy, laptop shell, mobile phone battery, door handle, mould, electric apparatus fittings, filter, nozzle, stainless steel products, golf head, zinc alloy artworks
Weld point, straight line, circle, square or any plane graphs drawn by AUTOCAD; weld vertical track.


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