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about boaolaser factory
Telephone: 86-10-82895922
Phone: 86-13910058345
Address: Room 206, Building 2 , No:19 Jiancaicheng Middle Road, Xisanqi Haidian District , Beijing ,China,100096

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  • Security Seal Laser Marking


  • Laser Marking On Plastic

    There are several laser source can do laser marking on plastic:FIber laser source~ can do laser marking on part of plastic materialCo2 laser~ can do laser marking on plastic wellUV laser~ the marking effect is best but price is much higher than the other two laser system

  • Metal Cabinet Laser Wedling

    There are mainly two methods with laser for the metal cabinet laser welding:1.Robot laser welding. Its a kind of fully automatic laser welding

  • gold&silver jewelry laser welding

    Jewelry laser welding requires the welding seam to be very thin and smooth, the welding outlook need to be as nice as possible and this welding also requrie high precision.For the gold and silver laser welding we designed a laser welding machine equipped with micro-scope and CCD for easy operation d

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