4 Axis Fiber Transfer Laser Welding Machine
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4 Axis Fiber Transfer Laser Welding Machine

The fiber transmission laser welding machine is a kind of laser welding equipment that couples the high energy laser beam into fiber, collimates to parallel light through collimating mirror after long distance transmission, and then focuses on the workpieces and welds. It adopts soft transmission non-contact welding for the parts that are hard to reach and it has much more flexibility. The laser beam can realize time spectroscopy and energy spectroscopy, carry through multi-beam processing at the same time, and provides conditions for more precise welding.

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Our 4 Axis Laser Welding Machine Advantages

1. Mechanical designing is more stable and flexible.
2. CE,ISO and FDA Certificates for it .
3. Equip self protection system and EMI technology make the machine working more stable during the
working .Our each laser welding machine also equip laser energy feedback system to keep the laser power stable during the welding action .
4. Complete Technical Team with 8 years Service experience

Technical Parameters;

Laser TypeFiber Transmission
Laser Wavelegnth1060nm
Worktable Feature3D
Welding CapacityMax3mm
Worktable StandardsSize 800*1000*650mm
Worktable TravelX=500mm, Y=500mm, Z=400mm
Optical Travel800*500mm 1000*500mm
Driving ModeServo Motor
Rotating AxisStandard Diameter 90mm
Environment temperature
Power Requirements
380v/3Phase/50Hz Or 60Hz

Suitable for welding of kettle, vacuum cup, stainless steel bowl, sensor, tungsten wire, high power diode (triode), aluminum alloy, laptop shell, mobile phone battery, door handle, mould, electric apparatus fittings, filter, nozzle, stainless steel products, golf head, zinc alloy artworks
Weld point, straight line, circle, square or any plane graphs drawn by AUTOCAD; weld vertical track.


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