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Solar Cell Cutter

This solar cells laser cutting machine is designed by BOAO laser and special for the solar cells laser scribing and cutting application .
Laser type : 20 W, 30W ,50W FIBER LASER
Cutting size : 300x300mm ( or as request )

Entertainment Performance:

This machine adopts the Fiber laser, it has the characters of higher integrative degree, best quality of laser beam, lower running cost and little maintenance during long time. Imported key spare parts, simple structure for whole machine, fast scribing speed and higher precision, it can work continuously over 24 hours.

Enter Modular Design:

Fiber laser source has the cooresponding independent movement space, Mutually connect simply and directly .Maximum reduce the electromagnetism interference and Heat interference and has guarantee the system long time operation stability.

Product Features:

Fiber Laser Scribing machine belong to the highest top level products of Lasers. It has the features such as high quality, competitive price ,Low in process cost, best cutting effects, Reliability etc.

Professional Laser Cavity Design:

Fiber laser technology guarantee the maximum optical efficiency and best laser pattern. At the same time ,it may reduce the temperature dependence .
Installation : It may install the assembly production line ,excellent marking with high performance

Technical Parameters

Type   specification

Fiber   laser /20W/30W/50W

Laser   wavelength


Scriber   precision


Max   scriber thickness


Scriber   line width


Laser   repetition frequency


Max   scriber speed

150mm/s      / 180mm/s

Scribing   accuracy


Laser   max power

≥20W     /≥30W/≥50W

Work   platform size


Power   supply


Cooling   system

Air   cooling system

Work   platform

The adsorption of vacuum pump on two dimension   programmed moving platform.




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