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Boao Laser


We will try our best to service Our Cutomers and keep & update our production technoloy as well as Hardware facilities construction in future !




Warranty Services (Two Years)

Service Items


Terms and Conditions:
1. Boao warranty is provided only for product purchased from BOAO LASER directly or authorized dealer of BOAO LASER.
2. Boao Laser warrants our machine to be free from manufacturer’s defects for a specified period.
3. Within the specified warranty period, Boao Laser will repair or replace non consumable parts
 (excluding cooled water, Cooling filter , cleanser and Largess such as tunable filters, protective glass etc.)that are damaged under normal use (by judgement of Boao Laser) at no additional charge.
4. The warranty will not be covered under the following conditions:
 Out-of-warranty products.
 The product is modified without Boao Laser approval.
 Obvious attack of appearance whatever it is.
 The product is subjected to unusual physical or electrical stress, including physical damage, burnt.
 Components and broken connectors.
 The serial number label is removed or altered.
5. The customer is responsible for returning the defective product at his own expense.
6. Your warranty period is calculated from the date of received this product.
1. We can resolve any problems for our laser machine within 48 hours. Such as: you just let us know what kind of appearance happened from our machine then we can issue a complete resolving solution for you with photo and video .If the problems can not  resolve and we will send our engineers or let our agent to resolve it for you.
2. During the warranty time, we will free provide the spare parts for our laser machine.
3. We will provide the Training manual and video for our laser machine.
4. We will make the Technical Parameters settings special for your products and you just input parameters into our software then can process your products very well.
5. If possible, our company also free provide training for your engineers in our company.
6. We will provide detailed installation drawing(Electrical Diagram) and video for our customers once the machine has any problems.
7. Special for Laser Cutting machines Items as below:
 We can arrange our engineers in your factory stay near 15Days-20 Days For Installation and Training ,During this time is free.
 And if need we also can leave one engineers working with you in your factory near 3 month around  or more . But The cost is USD 45-85 /Day for him .he will come back our company once your production and laser cutting machines working fine and smooth.
 At least 2-3 Engineers will apply for 1 -2 years long time visa for your country and sure they can reach at your factory within 48 hours And do not Exceed 3 Days.
During the Warranty Periods ,The Consumer can send their engineers go to Boao Laser for training ,the chargers is free(excluding air-fair, resident fair ). The consumer need our engineer go to their country or company to training ,Boao Laser can assigned their engineer go to consumer country or company for training , the consumer need take charge of the relevant fee for our engineer such as air-fair, resident fair etc.( this Items can be discussed by two parts together )

 We will try our best to service Our Cutomers and keep & update our production technoloy as well as Hardware facilities construction in future !

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