Laptop Keyboard Laser Marking Machine
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Laptop Keyboard Laser Marking Machine

This type laser marking machine is specially designed for laptop laser marking applications. Can be used for most materials laptop keyboards


Simple Introduction:

Specially designed for laptop keyboard laser marking
1. Marking high precision spare parts , such as Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Electronic spare parts etc.
2. High speed marking speed and perfect marking effects.
3.CE certificates
4.Compact designing .
5.Min marking letter : 0.15mm 
Application & Materials:
This type laser marker suitable for Gold ,Silver, Diamond, Sanitary Equipments, Foods Packing, Tobacco Label, Beer label, Drink Label, Medicine Packing ,Medical Equipments ,Glasses and Clock ,Auto Parts, Plastic& Paper Materials ,The Electron, Hardware which with high request for depth, smooth ,accuracy such as horologe, Mould, bitmap marking etc.

Technical Parameters;

Laser Source:
Marking size
Output power
Beam quality
less than 1.3
Operation temperature
Cooling mode
air cooling
Power supply requirement

This type laser marker specially designed for keyboard laser marking, especially laptop keyboards.

laptop laser marking


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